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The Colorado STEM Education Roadmap

The vision, theory of change, goals, and strategies that make up the Roadmap were developed through collaboration with hundreds of key stakeholders.

Vision for STEM Education in Colorado

Colorado will be the most innovative state in the country in growing a local talent pipeline by ensuring all learners have the STEM education and experiences needed to succeed in an innovation economy.

Theory of Change for STEM Education in Colorado

If Colorado…

  • Builds community awareness and support for STEM, and fully coordinates and aligns STEM policies, practices, and partners to increase student interest, participation, and achievement in STEM
  • Focuses on ensuring all students achieve STEM literacy
  • Reduces its STEM talent and skills gap

…then it will lead the nation in STEM talent development.

Giving Back to STEM Education –
Matt Smith, Vice President of Engineering and IT
United Launch Alliance

Check out our progress by clicking on the  goals on this interactive chart!

STEM_Roadmap_Goals_screenshot 1

STEM_Roadmap_Goals_screenshot 2

STEM_Roadmap_Goals_screenshot 3

 These goals and actions are not final – they are not intended to be. They represent current best thinking. A more detailed draft of these goals and strategies as well as the work to articulate partner roles and actions is included in Appendix D of this report.

pdf_16x16  Download PDF of Colorado’s STEM Education Roadmap

“A state strategy to sustain and advance STEM education through coordination, alignment, equity, transparency, and evaluation of impact is crucial to ensuring Colorado develops a local talent pipeline representative of the diversity of Colorado’s communities able to meet the needs of an innovation economy.” – The Colorado STEM Education Roadmap

For more information on Colorado’s STEM Education Roadmap Appendices, click the links below.

Colorado STEM Work Groups

As part of the broader body of Next Generation Learning work focused on advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and experiences for students in Colorado, The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) is committed to developing definitions and measures of effectiveness across key STEM efforts.

The key areas of focus are:

Effective Employer Engagement (E3) in STEM Education

The first area of focus for this work is to define attributes of – and measures to evaluate – quality public-private partnerships between schools and businesses. This scope of work defines the process by which CEI will define effective employer engagement in STEM education through focusing on Next Generation Learning competencies: academic, professional, entrepreneurial, civic, and personal competencies.

pdf_16x16  For E3 Work Group biographies and more information on this scope of work, download the PDF

Meeting Minutes

Early Childhood Education

The scope of work is coming soon.

pdf_16x16 Early Childhood Education Work Group Planning Document

Colorado STEMWorks Pilot

A new partnership among The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), Colorado Technology Association (CTA), and Change the Equation (CTEq) will launch the Colorado STEMworks pilot to identify and promote effective science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs.

The project will result in a robust database of effective programs in Colorado schools — and other places such as museums and libraries where learners pick up ideas and experiences — as well as grants to promote and expand programs that offer experience-to-career relevance.

This is a first for Colorado, which joins two other states — Arizona and Iowa — partnering with CTEq to tap the nationally recognized STEMworks protocols to evaluate and support quality STEM programs for elementary, middle, and high school students.


More information coming soon!

Informal STEM Education

More information coming soon!

Engaging At-Risk/Opportunity Youth

More information coming soon!

STEM Schools

More information coming soon!

Professional Development

More information coming soon!

CEI STEM Supporters

On August 27, 2014, The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) released the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap (STEM Roadmap), a state plan for advancing STEM education and experiences for all learners in Colorado. Numerous partners are joining to support implementation of this important work. The following is a list of supporters and their specific commitments to this work. CEI is committed to transparency and results in fund development and stewardship. Reporting mechanisms are being developed and will be in place in early 2015.

Different levels and types of support to implement the STEM Roadmap are captured below via the following categories:

  • STEM Advisory Committee – State leadership and STEM Champion Board
  • STEM Champions – Financial commitments of a minimum of $30,000 over a maximum of three years
  • STEM Advocates – One-time financial commitment of $10,000
  • STEM Friends – One-time financial commitment of $5,000
  • STEM Partners – Contribution of time and in-kind resources
  • STEM Steering Committee

STEM Mentors are companies investing time and talent to mentor Colorado students. Learn more about STEM Mentors here.

Colorado STEM Advisory Committee

The STEM Advisory Committee is comprised of public and private sector leaders in CO. This committee serves in an advisory capacity to CEI and the STEM Steering Committee, regarding the development and implementation of the CO STEM Education Roadmap. Quarterly meetings in 2015 are scheduled from 9-11 a.m. on January 21, April 22, July 22, and October 21.

Committee Members

  • Lt. Governor Garcia, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Chris Chavez, Director, Government Affairs & Corporate Citizenship, United Launch Alliance
  • Lesley Dahlkemper, Vice President of Strategic Engagement and Communications, The Colorado Education Initiative
  • Ellen Golombek, Executive Director, Office of Labor and Employment
  • Robert Hammond, Commissioner of Education, Colorado Department of Education
  • Michelle Hadwiger, Executive Director, Colorado Innovation Network
  • Ray Johnson, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs Manager, IBM
  • Tim Jones, President and Founder, ISSAC Corp.
  • Leslie Larocque, Director of Business Development, Rocky Mountain Region, McKinstry
  • Ken Lund, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Katie Monahan, Field Marketing Manager, Comcast Spotlight Colorado
  • Wendy Nkomo, COO, VP Industry Affairs, Colorado Technology Association
  • Amber Ptak, Director of Education Programs, Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado
  • Matt Smith, Vice-President of Engineering and IT, United Launch Alliance
  • Stephanie Steffens, Director, Colorado Workforce Development Council


  • Scott Wasserman, Chief of Staff, Lt. Governor Joe Garcia
  • Angela Baber, Director, Next Generation Learning – STEM, The Colorado Education Initiative

Colorado STEM Champions

STEM Champions are companies, foundations, and individuals contributing financial resources of at least $30,000 over three years to support implementation of the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap. They also dedicate their time and talent as a member of the STEM Champion Board and the STEM Advisory Committee.

CEI is proud to partner with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO). The foundation is working side-by-side with CEI to attract more STEM Champions. WFCO has introduced these new champions to the board to help lead the gender equity strategies in the STEM Roadmap: Arrow Electronics, MWH Global, QEP Resources, Suncor, and The Women’s Foundation of Colorado.

Learn more about becoming a STEM Champion by emailing Angela Baber or clicking here.

pdf_16x16  Download the PDF to learn more about becoming a STEM Champion.

Learn more >

Colorado STEM Roadmap is an economic imperative –
Leroy Williams,
Vice President, Information Technology and Services, Ball Corporation

Ball Foundation

BallLogoRGB0_155_187The Ball Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to not-for-profit organizations that sustain the communities in which they live and operate by improving and promoting education, recycling, and community engagement. Ball believes education is vital to social and economic development because it gives members of the community the knowledge and skills they need to achieve employment and economic security. To help keep their communities and business competitive and prosperous, Ball is a strong supporter of STEM education programs at the K-12 and higher education levels. As a STEM Champion, Ball is supporting the CEI-administered Colorado Legacy Schools program, the Colorado version of the National Math and Science Initiative AP model.  This effort is generating high returns in terms of student participation, engagement, and success in rigorous AP course work across 34 high schools, 300 teachers, and over 10,000 students. While this represents a significant increase in traditionally underserved students with access to AP, this number represents a mere 4 percent of Colorado public high school students.

Battelle Memorial Institute

BattelleEvery day, the people of Battelle Memorial Institute apply science and technology to solving what matters most. At major technology centers and national laboratories around the world, Battelle conducts research and development, designs and manufactures products, and delivers critical services for government and commercial customers. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since its founding in 1929, Battelle serves the national security, health and life sciences, and energy and environmental industries. Today, Battelle manages the world’s leading national laboratories and maintains a contract research portfolio spanning consumer and industrial, energy and environment, health and pharmaceutical and national security. We are valued for our independence and ability to innovate within virtually any business or research climate. From large government agencies and multi-national corporations to small start-ups and incubator projects, Battelle provides the resources, brainpower and flexibility to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Campos EPC


Campos EPC (CEPC) employs a staff of highly-qualified engineering, procurement, and construction professionals specializing in providing services for oil and gas. The Campos EPC Foundation is advancing a Strategic Roadmap to support Colorado students in attaining STEM skills. As a STEM Champion, Campos EPC is providing $30,000 in funds to support staffing and capacity at CEI to implement the STEM Roadmap.

The Campos EPC Foundation’s following goals and strategies:

  • Reach 600 New Multicultural Engineering Students in 2015
  • Reach 800 New Multicultural Engineering Students in 2016
  • Reach 1,000 New Multicultural Engineering Students in 2017
Climax Molybdenum

Climax color logo with R

Colorado Workforce Development Council

CWDC Full_ColorThe Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is led by Colorado businesses and driven by a powerful collaboration of state agencies, regional & community organizations, and plays a strategic role in coordination, alignment, and support of education, workforce, and economic development efforts in Colorado. The vision of the CWDC is that every Colorado business has access to a skilled workforce and every Coloradan has access to meaningful employment, resulting in statewide economic vitality. Through its subcommittees and task-groups, the CWDC is ensuring cross-system, public-private partnerships to create and sustain a business‐led Colorado talent system to meet the needs of businesses, students, and job-seekers. As a STEM Champion, CWDC is contributing $104,000 to support increased staffing of the regional efforts to advance STEM education in Colorado. Specifically, CWDC funding will support a STEM Associate at CEI to develop regional data portfolios to show gaps in local talent pipeline efforts, to work with local and state partners to identify resources to close gaps, and to ensure the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap is implemented across all of Colorado’s regions.

Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado

GayAndLesbianFund_logoNew and exciting partners are leading in the effort to advance STEM education. The opportunity gap created by underserving key segments of the student population, as well as the underrepresented Hispanic and female populations in high-wage, high-demand STEM occupations, is attracting the attention the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado. As the initial foundation supporting this work, the Gay and Lesbian fund for Colorado support served as the catalyst for increasing equity and access to high quality STEM education in ways that increase financial literacy, critical thinking, and prepare traditionally underserved populations for success in an innovation economy. As a STEM Champion, the Gay and Lesbian Fund is underwriting implementation of the STEM Roadmap through investing $200,000 in infrastructure support to staff and coordinate STEM efforts through CEI.


ISSAC Logo(Minus 3 words)Web-TransISSAC is an Advanced Data Analytics and Systems Engineering consulting firm with corporate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  ISSAC is rapidly expanding into an uncontested market space in corporate data analytic services, building on its success and continued work for the U.S. Department of Defense in Missile Defense Systems Data Analytics and Systems of Systems Engineering. ISSAC believes in investing in education and local community to provide students with mentorship and career awareness. As a thought leader in STEM education in Colorado Springs, ISSAC initiated the k2i effort (kindergarten-2-industry), which partners with local schools in the Colorado Springs area to bring STEM professionals to meet with students through a “STEM Café” model. Students learn about a variety of STEM careers from a diverse set of cross-sector STEM professionals. As a STEM Champion, ISSAC is supporting CEI via a $30,000 contribution over a three-year period to support staffing and capacity needed to implement the STEM Roadmap.

JPMorgan Chase

JP-Morgan-Chase1JPMorgan Chase believes that addressing the skills gap can be one of the most powerful tools for reducing unemployment and expanding economic opportunity.  JPMorgan Chase’s Workforce Readiness philanthropic initiatives focus on helping inform and accelerate efforts to develop demand-driven skills training so that workers and industries have the skills to compete and prosper in a global economy. As a STEM Champion, JPMorgan Chase is contributing $50,000 to CEI in 2014-15 to support partnerships and pathways for low-to-moderate income (LMI) youth to develop technical skills in middle-skills STEM occupations with upward salary mobility in one or more of Colorado’s demand-driven growth sectors. CEI and the Colorado Workforce Development Council are partnering in the release of an RFP to Sector Partnerships across Colorado and are providing technical assistance to selected applicants. CEI will document successes and will share this information statewide to ensure amplified impact.

United Launch Alliance

ULA-Logo_Full-Color_Text_withRnoPMSThe United Launch Alliance (ULA) is a leader in exciting and engaging students through bringing STEM to life. One way in which ULA is sparking excitement in STEM education among students is through the Intern Rocket Program. In partnership with Ball Aerospace, ULA and Ball provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for K-12 and college students. Participating interns have just eight to ten weeks to construct rockets and payloads and quickly gain experience with new design concepts, manufacturing techniques, and launch procedures. Working with college interns from ULA and Ball, elementary, middle, and high school students learn about basic rocket concepts, payload designs, and payload integration with the rockets. ULA as a company believes in contributing time, talent, and resources at all levels to support Colorado communities. ULA is a key thought partner and funder in advancing the statewide strategy to improve STEM education in Colorado, and serves as a critical champion in engaging business and industry, with a special emphasis on the aerospace sector, to excite and prepare the workforce of the future. As a STEM Champion, ULA is committing $30,000 over a three year period to support CEI in implementing the Colorado STEM Education Roadmap, and is working to engage aerospace companies in supporting implementation efforts of this important work.

Xcel Energy


The mission of the Xcel Energy Foundation is to use the collective knowledge, resources, and skills of Xcel Energy staff and colleagues to make a positive impact through investing in making communities within and across Xcel Energy’s eight-state service area highly desirable places for everyone to live, work, and do business. Xcel Energy believes one of the best community investments possible is an investment in education. As a STEM Champion, Xcel Energy is supporting the CEI-administered Colorado Legacy Schools program, the Colorado version of the National Math and Science Initiative AP model.  This effort is generating high returns in terms of student participation, engagement, and success in rigorous AP course work across 34 high schools, 300 teachers, and over 10,000 students. While this represents a significant increase in traditionally underserved students with access to AP, this number represents a mere 4 percent of Colorado public high school students. Much needs to be done to ensure every student has access to rigorous coursework and to meaningful mentorships, particularly students who face greater disadvantages and barriers to success. Xcel Energy has been instrumental in supporting the Colorado Legacy Schools Program financially to ensure that as many Colorado students as possible are able to receive this valuable support. In addition to supporting the success of the Legacy Schools Program itself, Xcel Energy partnered with CEI to develop and implement the very first STEM Mentors Program. Through this partnership, Xcel’s donations and staff have provided students with a broader understanding of real-world opportunities. During the 2013-2014 school year, volunteers from Xcel supported 106 students at Arvada High School at five separate STEM Mentoring Events, and Xcel Energy will continue to provide critical mentorship support to the students of Colorado.

 STEM Advocates

STEM Advocates are companies, foundations, and individuals making a one-time financial contribution in the amount of $10,000 to support implementation of the STEM Roadmap. They also dedicate their time and talent as a member of the STEM Champion Board, and are non-voting members of the STEM Advisory Committee.

Learn more about becoming a STEM Advocate by emailing Kelly Hall or clicking here.

Donnell Kay Foundation

Donnell-Kay is advancing a multi-year effort to create a new state public education system where learning is reimagined and students graduate energized and equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing world, ReSchool Colorado. This will be accomplished through improving the experience of education in order to better match and keep pace with the needs and expectations of students living in the 21st century. As a STEM Advocate, Donnell Kay is investing $10,000 to support CEI in implementing the STEM Roadmap, with a focus on development of career pathways for students.

STEM Steering Committee

The STEM Roadmap has been developed in collaboration with the STEM Steering Committee, which is compromised of our key state partners.

  • Angela Baber, Director, Next Generation Learning – STEM, The Colorado Education Initiative
  • Melissa Colsman, Executive Director, Office of Teaching and Learning,  Colorado Department of Education
  • Scott Fast, Cradle to Career Consultant
  • Noah FinkelsteinProfessor of Physics, University Colorado, Boulder
  • Rebecca HolmesAssociate Commissioner; Innovation, Choice, and Engagement, Colorado Department of Education
  • Jennifer Jirous, Adult Partnerships Initiatives Manager, Colorado Department of Education
  • Michelle Liu, Postsecondary Readiness Coordinator, Colorado Department of Education
  • Brad McLain, Co-Director, Xsci
  • Paul Numendahl, Director of The Science Exchange, BSCS
  • Amber Ptak, ‎Director of Education Programs, Gay and Lesbian Fund
  • Mary Ann Roe, Coordinator, Workforce Education, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
  • Stephanie SteffensDirector, Colorado Workforce Development Council
  • Lauren Victor, ‎Research and Policy Analyst, Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Robert Whalen, Business Development Specialist, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

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