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College success begins with high school success and an early introduction to the rigorous coursework students will encounter in college. Students who have the advantage of Advanced Placement (AP) classes are more likely to go to college and graduate from college. Our Colorado Legacy Schools Initiative works to dramatically increase student enrollment and success rates in AP math, science, and English courses at schools across the state. It also encourages them to pursue majors and careers in the rapidly-growing STEM fields.

Colorado Legacy Schools Report

Over the next five years, Colorado Legacy Schools will enroll 30,000 new math, science, and English AP students at demographically diverse schools throughout Colorado. READ MORE >

2014 AP for All Summer Institute

The AP for All Summer Institute was developed in response to the needs of educators around the world who work tirelessly, and far too often in isolation, to develop AP programs that provide equitable access to all interested students. READ MORE >


Find AP tools that inform teachers and students about resources regarding Saturday Study Sessions, AP Best Practices, Teaching Resources, and more. READ MORE > 


The program upon which Legacy Schools is modeled, National Math + Science’s APTIP, has been implemented in seven states since 2008 and has been incredibly successful in increasing not only the number of students experiencing success in AP courses, but the diversity of those students as well. READ MORE >

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